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EdLucy, Inc dba One Step Ahead & HME provides services through a Certified, Registered Respiratory Therapist available to assist patients with oxygen assistance and respiratory supplies. These services are provided and available upon medical necessity. Having a Respiratory Therapist on staff at One Step Ahead & HME gives us the ability to care for respiratory patients in our facility and the home. Neil Austin is trained and certified to assist patients with respiratory needs such as administering and maintaining home oxygen, assisting the patient with CPAP and BiPAP therapy, and other supplies and treatments. Our Registered Respiratory Therapist is available to provide you with oxygen set-ups in your home, to train you on the proper use of respiratory equipment, and to answer any questions you may have. We also provide portable oxygen units to our oxygen patients upon request for extended traveling. Our Respiratory Therapist works with hospitals, family care practitioners, and sleep apnea specialists to assess your needs and to better serve you. He can assist you with mask and supply fittings for sleep apnea machines (CPAP, BiPAP, or VPAP machines), walk you through the proper use of a Nebulizer machine, and administer Pulse-Oximetry tests to assess your oxygen levels at rest and exertion. "At the heart of our services is our passion to provide patients with independence and quality of life. Everything we do is not driven by sheer numbers but by the quality and excellence. Helping our patients become healthier and independent ensures that they are spending time with family and friends doing what they enjoy." - Neil Austin, RRT/ RCP

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