Certified Pedorthists

At One Step Ahead & HME, we have three certified pedorthists on staff to meet your needs. Certified pedorthists are trained and certified professionals who are knowledgeable in assessing feet, consulting with the physician, modifying footwear, and employing supportive devices to address conditions that affect your feet and lower limbs. "Out of the 125 Certified Pedorthists in the state of Illinois, having three pedorthists in one location provides a great advantage for the people in our area. Because we have more expert staff, we can schedule more appointments, allow walk-ins more frequently, and can provide prompt service for the customer's convenience. We are here to help you with a comfortable and healthy fit every time. Whether you are a diabetic or an individual who works primarily on your feet the majority of the day, we can provide a custom fit and experience with the shoe and orthotic that's right for you." - Kirsten Melton, C.Ped

Orthotics and Footwear Fitter Services

Our Certified Pedorthists assist you in choosing the proper footwear for your needs, as well as to recommend solutions to daily foot problems and pains. We also carry orthotics including custom-made orthotics and Quadrasteps, Our staff is always available to answer your questions and assist you in any way possible. Our goal is to always provide our patients with superior service.

Fitter Services Scope

Custom-fabricated and custom-fitted orthoses; external breast prostheses; and therapeutic shoes and inserts.

We accept Prescriptions and Payments on services and supplies.

The target population for One Step Ahead & HME includes anyone needing the product or services offered. Items requiring a physician prescription will not be dispensed without a prescription. We will secure the doctors signature on the appropriate forms for the equipment or services ordered by the physician as required by the payer source. Items that are purchased by the patient that requires a prescription may be dispensed with a handwritten prescription on the physician's prescription pad.

We are recognized by Medicare to meet the home medical equipment needs of our patients. Our company meets all of the Medicare Supplier Standards.

Business Hours

Monday-Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm

Saturday 9:00am - 1:00pm

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Medicare & Insurance Billing

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 "Our mission and #1 goal is to care for you." -Lucy Potts


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